If you are stuck in litigation, about to go into litigation or contemplating reaching out to someone to reach a resolution, purchase a business or settle a dispute, having the right legal advisor can add important value. Having the right person understand each party’s perspective, make sure your settlements/agreements have the right language and work patiently, understanding each perspective can help you reach a resolution in even the most difficult situations.  

We can help on one side of negotiation or we can try to resolve situations as a neutral among various parties. We work with you prior to litigation or once you have filed a case. We take on a range of disputes from things that have no monetary value, to small or large disputes. If you are stuck trying to resolve something with a difficult person or company or if you want us to mediate a case between you and someone else as a neutral, we are here to help.

We work hard to make sure your problems reach ideal resolutions. 

How We Help Settle Problems:

  • Mediation between parties in business disputes, buyouts, or when you are having trouble agreeing on corporate issues
  • Negotiating with potential buyers/sellers
  • Negotiating settlements or severances with employers/employees
  • Reviewing severance, settlement or mediation agreements




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